Monday, January 28, 2013

wet Australia Day weekend...

This weekend has been a weekend of
 spending time indoors...with
strong winds and torrential rain...

 ...and puddles in our backyard!
 ...the birds were trying to stay dry!
 ...I love how the babies are in the dry spot!
 ...and our friendly magpie also found 
a spot out of the wind and rain!

The rain has now stopped and the wind is less
so maybe tomorrow will be a nice day...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year…

Happy New Year…I hope everyone in Australia is staying cool in the heat wave and not in fire danger!

Only the last 2 days have been really hot here…

The christmas decorations have been put away for another year…my son who lives in WA sent me this little glass present decoration it matches the glass tree he gave me last year that he bought in England.


…our youngest son was home for a couple of weeks.

Which was really nice!


And I was seeing this scrappy trip around the world quilt pattern on blogs so I played in my sewing room…the tutorial is here



…and a couple of pictures of this years baby kookaburras…so cute!