Thursday, November 22, 2012

almost Christmas…

where has the year gone…almost Christmas!

I found this little tree at Target…for the family room.

So now it is waiting for me to get out the decorations…I have been tempted but I should wait till December.


…it will have my white decorations!

The little fairy is in honour I my new found passion… art jounaling

that’s filling up my spare time and imagination…


…our quilt group had a Christmas party on Sunday.

This little doll quilt was the gift I received in the gift swap

…I love it and will hang it in my sewing room.


…beautiful pencils and art supplies are part of my new found fun!

Then there is the online class to learn how to draw and paint faces

…it’s lots of fun!



Anonymous said...

love your xmas fairy Christine i put my tree up last weekend and the grandies decorated it for me.xx

Louise Michie said...

The Christmas fairy just said," Any time after the Melbourne Cup is good for decorating the house for Christmas." Why wait?

Sweet Pea said...

I'm so hanging out for Christmas this year. Every time I mention putting up the Christmas tree I'm shouted down, yet sooo many people I know already have their tree up!
Whoever gave you the fairy knew how perfect it would look on your tree!

Elizabethd said...

What a sweet little fairy! She will look lovely on your tree.