Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hope everyone has had a great weekend…it’s been so hot here all weekend…
summer is on it’s way!
The quilt group was at my place today…
always a fun day!
One friend bought these pretty roses from her garden…the perfume is beautiful!
…Thursday we went to Brisbane to Stitches and Craft show!
caught the train at Varsity Lakes…which made the trip very relaxing!!
below are some of the many quilts that were in the quilt show…
…also there was a display of red and white quilts!
…now I’m inspired to stitch!


Anonymous said...

such beautiful roses Christine and thankyou for the tour,those quilts are so inspiring.xx

Cheryll said...

Loved the visit to the show with you. My favourite is the last red one! Simple but stunning I think! :)

Kris said...

Christine - Those roses are gorgeous!! No roses here in Logan, UT, USA as we are supposed to get a bit more snow today!! But your roses made my day!! And what a wonderful array of quilts!! It inspires me to stitch too!! Thanks for the little mini show!!