Thursday, July 5, 2012

birthday fat quarters…


…when I opened my birthday fat quarter packages!


inside were all these lovely surprises…


from Jenny


from Carol


from Shez


from Tarnyia


…and Maree

Thank you Maree for organising this fun birthday swap!!!

the pin is so cute…


All the fabrics are so pretty…and I love all the extra surprises!

It will be fun using them all….thank you for

making my birthday special!!




I did intend posting sooner…but where has the week gone!

And it is so cold…after spending 3 weeks in the tropics

in shorts and t-shirt, sunny temperatures, the cold weather

is a bit of a shock.


…this is where we had dinner one night!

It was just a beautiful location…it could not be more perfect!

The restaurant is called Far Horizons at Palm Cove…

just north of Cairns!

beautiful location, beautiful food…loved every minute

of it…the sun eventually went down and we could no longer

see the water… just candle light and palm trees!


this week I have been settling back into routine…

just need to find more time to blog and sew…

haven’t managed to fit in any sewing!

to much washing to catch up, vacuuming, shopping,

lawn mowing, meals, etc.…

the weatherman last night promises warmer temps next week

…hope he is right!


Sue B said...

Lovely birthday gifts. I love Palm cove, we visited there a few years ago, such a delightful place

Anonymous said...

hope you had a wonderful birthday Christine and love youe beach pic,what an unreal spot.xx