Monday, April 30, 2012

wheatbix slice…

wheatbix slice
10 crushed wheatbix
1cup nuts and dried fruit
1/2cup coconut-I used almond flakes instead
125grms butter
1/2 410 tin of condensed milk
melt butter and condensed milk
mix all together
press into tray
add icing and place in fridge for
a couple of hours-where my slice is now
cut into squares and enjoy

Sunday, April 29, 2012


...the pile of pins are growing as they come out of my quilt!
Rained all day...we went to the Square for a while and Bunnings
so the quilting progressed for a while this afternoon!
...because it was such a dull day, the quilting stopped
in favor of a movie, I borrowed from the library,
called In America...
..anyway I should finish the quilting quick
and I think I'm getting better at it!'s thundering now, hope that means a fine day tomorow!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

wishing for some sunshine….

…rainy weekend again!
…and today I started quilting this quilt!
_DSC0030 will only take a couple of days and I will have another finish!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

haven’t been far…


…didn’t mean to be missing from blogging!

Just been busy with the everyday things…and some stitching!


…Woolworth's roses because the quilt group spent Sunday here…and the  house needed some flowers!


I have been stitching a few things…slowly making progress!

Working on Vignette quilt…so much embroidery!


I chose to make mine in bright colours…but as I

stitch some blocks together, I think how nice this

would have been in 1930’s prints or all in a pale blue/green

…anyway my quilt will be bright!!


…a new set of threads arrived from Ollie and May today

so I can keep on stitching!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

finished quilt…

This is my March finish…


…machine quilted on the sweet sixteen!

Still need lots of practice…but I now have a usable quilt!

My DH has been curled up under it at any opportunity…


I machine stitched the binding…after watching a tutorial at

Missouri Star Quilt Co on you tube…lots of great tips there!


One thing I wished I did different now I’m finished…

is quilt it in the colour thread I used on the binding!

Anyway it is all a learning experience…and this quilt

will get used till it is worn out !!

If it ever stops raining I will take it outside and get a better picture….

Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter…

Happy Easter…


…it’s a beautiful sunny Easter Sunday!

We had easter to ourselves…

one son in nth Queensland  one son in the west…phone calls from both

…so today we went for a drive in the countryside…to the Channon market

lunch was this


followed by…


…and then a round trip drive!

pass these_DSC0004



…they are called the Nimbin Rocks!

they were formed from a volcano…

the early settlers called them the thimble, cathedral and needle.

…and this is what I bought home!


And on the other side it says…