Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas...

Happy Christmas...

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a little Christmas shopping..

Yesterday we went for a drive to Bangalow…DSCN0341

to buy Peter’s Christmas present

what he wished for was from the Bangalow hardware store…

and had been on their shelves for years and was covered in dust!!!



…then we had a look in some shops!



…enjoyed lunch…which was more then coffee!




…and had a nice relaxing morning!

Monday, December 3, 2012


…recently I bought this book because I loved the basket quilt on the cover!


…and it is a great book to use up stash fabrics!!


…and this is the basket quilt I made!


…now I have taken a photo I can see a couple of blocks I should have placed differently!

Not unpicking though…

Thursday, November 22, 2012

almost Christmas…

where has the year gone…almost Christmas!

I found this little tree at Target…for the family room.

So now it is waiting for me to get out the decorations…I have been tempted but I should wait till December.


…it will have my white decorations!

The little fairy is in honour I my new found passion… art jounaling

that’s filling up my spare time and imagination…


…our quilt group had a Christmas party on Sunday.

This little doll quilt was the gift I received in the gift swap

…I love it and will hang it in my sewing room.


…beautiful pencils and art supplies are part of my new found fun!

Then there is the online class to learn how to draw and paint faces

…it’s lots of fun!


Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hope everyone has had a great weekend…it’s been so hot here all weekend…
summer is on it’s way!
The quilt group was at my place today…
always a fun day!
One friend bought these pretty roses from her garden…the perfume is beautiful!
…Thursday we went to Brisbane to Stitches and Craft show!
caught the train at Varsity Lakes…which made the trip very relaxing!!
below are some of the many quilts that were in the quilt show…
…also there was a display of red and white quilts!
…now I’m inspired to stitch!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


sorry…I didn’t intend being absent from blogging for more than a month!

It just turned out that way…

by the end of the day I have been ready for bed…

and had not put together something to blog about…


…and below is a link to a great online shop for art and craft supplies

they will give a 10% discount until Oct 31st 2012

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…I have gained a new interest…

I have been wanting to try art journaling for some time…

and at the moment I am trying to learn to draw a face…

so there has been lots of you tube watching..

which then led me to needing some art supplies…

and most of all I’m having fun with it!!!


…this is what I found today at the market!

It’s a sewing chest

DSCN0277the top lifts up and inside is this tray which lifts out!

DSCN0280I think I will keep my embroidery things in it!!

…will I paint it?

white or grey…


 IMG_0152Yesterday the quilt group had a sewing day to make this quilt for a friend


…we were pleased with how it is turning out!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

sunny Sunday…


Today is a beautiful sunny day….so

…we went for a drive in the countryside to the Bangalow market!


…and bought flowers!


from this flower stall…


…and then couldn’t pass these by!!



our house is going to be so perfumed….love flowers in this house

it looks empty without them!!


…we then wandered to the main street past this little blue building!


…then coffee and a milkshake at Utopia cafe!

…isn’t this just the biggest milkshake!!!

…we hadn’t ventured to the Bangalow Market since

our life changed…I would say ‘it’s just too difficult with a wheelchair’

stony rough ground…and hilly…but we managed…

so we will be there again….

Saturday, August 25, 2012



…these arrived in the mail!


…wrapped pretty!


…and inside Jean d Arc magazines!

Now I just need to take a quiet moment …

I love the beautiful pictures in them!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

a charmed life quilt…


I have been working on my ‘A Charmed Life’ quilt…and really enjoying quietly stitching this at the moment!!

_DSC0313this is the centre panel…lots of leaves to add!


…and I have finished the blocks!





…just need to finish this flower!