Monday, October 24, 2011

to Brisbane quilt show...

We went to Brisbane...Thursday to Saturday... 
to the Stitch and Craft Show!

We wandered around the city...went to Queen Street Mall...

...hurried along to the entry of the Craft show!
Everyone is at the far end of the convention centre 
waiting to buy their entry tickets!!

...and took pictures of quilts!

I like this quilt...its very simple with checks and florals!

It was a nice couple of days away...looking at quilts, some buying
of course, too much eating and lots of walking.
I had not been to one of these shows for about 
5yrs so it was very inspiring to see whats new!


Larain said...

Thanks for the photos, I would normally be there but have now moved from Byron. It is a good quilt show etc. and I always managed to find that something different. I was there in spirit. Thanks for sharing.

Tarnyia said...

thanks for sharing your field trip... i love the quilt above the one you like xxx