Sunday, September 11, 2011

today Sunday... was a beautiful sunny day!
So we went to our local is a very small market held at the show grounds!

...pony club was also on in the show ground! makes 3 times this's usually raining or we have something else happening
when it's on...but today was fine and sunny!
This house is across the road from the showgrounds...
when my sons were young we lived 2 houses around the corner
from this house...see the beautiful blue sky!!!

...I usually find something at the market!
And today it was these books...

...then we went to Bunnings to buy skirting boards for the sewing room...these plants had to come home...
mini gerbera and white planted in the front garden!

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Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Oh I have adiasy at school just like that but a bright yellow,St Barbaras Daisy and type of Gerbera!I love Bunnings,probably more than DH LOL