Friday, September 30, 2011

little quilt...

This little quilt I started making last weekend...inspired by the pattern
in the latest Quilters Companion...called Melody 33!
I had these strips of Westminster fabric and I thought it was 
perfect to use them up!
Also, now I have a small quilt I can practice machine quilting on...
should I add a border or maybe just bind it in a black and white check!

I added this rose to my's called 'Soeur Emmanuelle'
named after a 94 yr old French nun... has a soft, beautiful fragrance!

...I love perfumed roses!

I have been slowly organizing my sewing room...
I thought beginning to use it would
be the best way to work out where I want things to go!!


Terry said...

Oh I love that little quilt! And I agree...the best way to get organized is to use up your fabric! That's what I'm trying to do! It doesn't seem to be helping much though! LOL

donna said...

Your quilt looks great. Oh beautiful rose.

Anna said...

The Quilt looks great!!What a beautiful Rose.