Friday, July 15, 2011

waiting...and waiting for new curtains!!

I have been waiting all day for the curtain man to arrive with our 
new curtains...he was going to be here at 8am, than 11am than rang and said after lunch.
There was a more pressing awning job to do, now that it is raining.
3.30pm and still not here...

...will be new curtains in the dining room

new curtains in the lounge room...

....and here where there has never been curtains! curtains and blind for the family room! job is to get the TV aerial moved to the other side of the lounge room! ...we have been waiting for the electrician to fit
this job in all week...maybe next week!!

...while I was waiting I cut out the borders for my french general quilt
the aim to finish the top by next week...back soon with pics!

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