Tuesday, July 26, 2011

more photos of french general quilt...

...more photos of the French general quilt!!
I'm so happy with how it turned out...

...and on a bed!
I'm not sure that it is a bed quilt though...

...one thing leads to another!
While I was out the back to take the photos... lead to wandering around and looking at the plants...which lead to weeding and watering!
This is probably a peach tree...shows spring isn't too far away!

...then it lead to trying to find something to pick for a vase!

...most of the plants here are tropical. 
 Which will be great in summer
but now there just isn't any flowers to pick!  
Only found these cordyline leaves...and 
bromliad flowers!


Maree: said...

Love the Border Fabric Just Gorgeous...

Cheryll said...

I just LoVe the fabric and colours in your quilt.
and I think the flowers in the vase looks really pretty too! :)