Thursday, April 14, 2011

hot pad swap...

Cheryl at gone stitchin' arranged a swap of  a hot pad...
Mine arrived from Atlanta...made by Layne!
I love it...french reds!!

...and cute stitched words!

...I will enjoy using it on my table!!
Thanks's beautiful!

...I have to send the one I made to my swap partner will be in the post tomorrow!

...what I found at the op shop!
box to paint white and add a detail like a pretty button!

...and this cute little pottery vase. the flower detail.

I have been a little preoccupied from blogging and stitching time...
I have been crocheting and painting furniture white!!
which is FUN!!!


Anonymous said...

The little mug rug/hot pad is adorable. Love the colors.

Cheryll said...

I'm so pleased you played along in the exchange and are happy with the hot pad... it's very pretty..!
Hope to see you again! :)

Sue B said...

Love the hot pads, I am with you on the french reds, they are so good at the momemnt. I have made my daughter a french inspired quilt in the same range of fabric that your hot pad was made in, with the addition of some black eiffel tower fabric.

French Furniture said...

I also love French reds at the moment. I have just added quite a bit to my lounge. can't seem to get enough of it. Great post x