Thursday, April 14, 2011

hot pad swap...

Cheryl at gone stitchin' arranged a swap of  a hot pad...
Mine arrived from Atlanta...made by Layne!
I love it...french reds!!

...and cute stitched words!

...I will enjoy using it on my table!!
Thanks's beautiful!

...I have to send the one I made to my swap partner will be in the post tomorrow!

...what I found at the op shop!
box to paint white and add a detail like a pretty button!

...and this cute little pottery vase. the flower detail.

I have been a little preoccupied from blogging and stitching time...
I have been crocheting and painting furniture white!!
which is FUN!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

ABC's today...

About Me ABC's

Age: 54 Bed Size: Queen Chore You Hate: ironing Dogs: no pets  at the moment Essential Start of Your Day: cup of tea Favorite Color: french reds at the moment Gold or Silver: silver or gold  Height: 163cms Instruments You Play: love my ipad Job Title:  wife and carer, mum and was a florist for a while Kids: 2 adult sons Live:nth coast NSW Mom's Name: Daphne Nicknames: tiny by my grandma Overnight Hospital Stays: babies plus 3 Pet Peeve: people spreading their stress around Quote From a Movie:  Right- or Left-Handed: Right Siblings: 1 sisters Time You Wake Up: 7.30am Underwear: Yep, I wear them!Veggie You Dislike: Can't think of any that I don't likeWhat Makes You Run Late: like being on time or early  X-Rays You Have Had: too many in recent years since car accident Yummy Food You Make: comforting and sweet Zoo Animal You Like Best: elephants...
only been to the zoo a couple of times but love how it's a day with people from all over the world...
Thanks for listening! :) How about you? Copy and past this list to your blog...found this at folded gingham via Jenny