Sunday, January 9, 2011

colour choices..

...can I love both!!

...I love the all white decorated houses I see on blogs 
and think just buy white/cream things to add to my house.
And then I see something like this pretty jug...and I just love colour!
After all I quilt and that is all about colour!

So then my house is a mixture of both...

The hydrangeas are a bit spotty from the rain...but they
were the only flower I could find in my garden!
...found the jug at the local market today!
We only just had our pavlova from Christmas...
this is only a once a year treat!

...notice the white cake plate.
And I do love the look of those all
white houses...


Susan said...

Its a dilema isn't it?? I love most colours and styles - although I like jewel colours the most - I also love blue & white together, blue & yellows, chocolate brown & teal, shabby roses styles etc etc. Where to start?? What to put where? I will just keep sewing what takes my fancy and worry about the 'where' later on.

Love the look of that pavlova. Just as well I have just come home from shopping else I would be trying to do that for tonight!!

Cheryll said...

Never mind the lovely plate.... I'm lookin at the PaV !!! Yum!!!

Wendy B said...

I can relate.....and I love RED!!!!!.....and pav!!!! LOL
X sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Elizabethd said...

I love white too, but I also love the look of your hug with the hydrangeas.