Friday, December 3, 2010

colourful Friday...

I wasn't going to join in teal colourful Friday as I had not taken any new
photos of teal through the week!
Then I thought I must have some photos that will pass for I went 
looking and this is what I came up with...

...Sydney with teal blue skies!

...a kookaburra!

...not sure what this bird is called!

...and is this duck a teal?

...and a little bit of local teal by the river!

...and I did find a quilt.
Not mine though..was being quilt group shown so made by one of our ladies!


Cheryll said...

You had a good "Teal" day afterall!
Merry Christmas.

Karen said...

Hi Christine.
A lovely collection of photos.
I do think the kookaburra is special. Great colourings on its wings.
Gorgeous colours in the quilt, too!

Robyn G. said...

Wow Christine, you did find some stunning teal... good on ya!!
Love the Sydney pics and the Kooka... I didn't know they had teal on their wings. I learned something today... actually I learnt a lot this week!
So glad you're in... Happy Friday!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!lots of teal, well done ;-)
Have a great day

Melody said...

Fabulous teal in your photos.

Carol said...

Pretty teals. Is the bird maybe a partridge? Love the photos of the Kookaburra and the Teal.

Lois said...

Hi. Being from the states your photos were really appreciated. It is so fun to see anothers homeland and native animals. Really beautiful. Thank you Love Lois

Kay H said...

Wow! Such beautiful scenery and birds. You found some wonderful examples of teal.