Friday, October 22, 2010!!
where do I have orange!!

there is always a juicy orange...

a tiny orange...cumquat

...pale orange!

...bright orange!

...little touch of orange!!

...pretty orange!

...fabric orange!

...and of course some stitching orange!!


Robyn G. said...

Oh wow Christine, such fantastic orange photos!!!
Looooveeeee the nasturtium and the hibiscus!! wow!! Stunning!
..and the fabrics and all of your orangey goodness!
So glad to ave you playing along again this week.
Happy colourful Friday xx

Melody said...

Fabulous photos. The first one made me want to race to the fruit bowl.

Elaine said...

Great pic of the nasturtium. You obviously love orange. The fabrics are lovely.

Karen said...

Great orange photos. Especially love the real orange. Beautiful flowers.
Love the fabrics and of course the stitching. Look forward to seeing more of that!

Stephanie said...

hi there, nice to meet you. Found your post by visiting the quilter blog page. I took some time to look at some of the recent posts and I just love how you put great photos of nature and things with your quilt photos. This post drew me in because of the orange and then I see the stitching and I just love it. I am curious...I don't know what the is. Did you use a template? Is it hand done? I would love to know what technique you are using to make such perfect points. Steph

Lois said...

I sure enjoyed your photos. I could almost taste that orange. The flowers were so pretty. Love Lois

Anonymous said...

Beautiful orange. I am craving oranges (to eat) today *lol*. Lovely photos! toni xxx

Anonymous said...

Had a busy day and just got round to checking out everybody's posts. Love your photos. Especially the flowers.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out mine too:-)

Cheryll said...

Beautiful fabric... love the poka dots. GrEaT pic's.

Cathy said...

lovely pics - love that orange glass

Bev C said...

Hello Christine,

a great lot of orange items. I do love the material you have in the last photos.
Happy days.