Friday, October 15, 2010

green Friday...

I had all week to think green...but I still ran around quickly
taking green pictures!

'green all around me'

green grass...especially after 4 weeks of rain

green in the garden...more green then flowers

...then touches of green in my home

snuggle pot and cuddle pie my son gave me after he first left home

green quilts...yet to be finished always with a touch of pink

...and some green outdoors

birdhouse roof

little table


...and of course there is always green fabric waiting to be stitched!!

I have light green kitchen walls I want to paint over white/cream...


Robyn G. said...

Wow Christine, you did great!!
Your green photos are very inviting and most enjoyable.
I especially love the spinach and is that a mulberry or a passionfruit I see? So lush and beautiful!
MMM, the last one, the fabric... touch touch touch...divine colours!!!!
Thanks for playing along in our colour game again xx

Bev C said...

Hello Christine,

Lots of lovely green. I am green with envy about your rain.
Have a Happy Day.

Melody said...

Gorgeous green everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Hi Christine. Your garden is looking lush and green and obviously growing well with all that rain. Gorgeous quilt pics , too!

fairchildstreet said...

Lots of green, love the quilts and fabric. Charmaine

Stephanie said...

Pretty green photos. Lovely quilts.

Carol said...

Beautiful fabrics BUT I absolutely want your grass. Ours is pitiful.

Valentina said...

What luscious greens, Christine!
Love the quilts...
Sorry it took me so long to come by, but I am so happy I finally did. I really love your green quilts.
Hoping to see your ORANGE tomorrow!