Monday, August 16, 2010

what I've been doing!!!

...what have I been doing!!
The days have flown by...some household work has been priority.

Though I did sew some flutterby's from the tutorial at
Mrs Schmenkman Quilts these little butterfly blocks
or are they really spools...

Made the needle book for the applique posy needle swap

...and the inside!  
I can show it as it's a secret I have to post it off.

I also made a tiny spool block...these are being made around blogland...
only smaller...mine will be 4"block

I am stitching them by hand and using my french general jelly roll.

I love this's just beautiful!!

I also had a big surprise...I won a giveaway at Sewjournal...'s this lovely cloud 9 organic fabric and cute pattern from
Catherines Place.  Looking forward to receiving it!!

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Maree: said...

Congrats on your Lovely Win...thanks for sharing all your show & have been busy!