Wednesday, August 25, 2010


...just love this magnolia
...brightens a cold, cold day!!'s only a few twigs and these beautiful flowers!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

more time in Parramatta/Sydney...

On the afternoon in Sydney/ Parramatta we had free we went to Westfields
shopping centre...most the time we spent trying to find the lift to get to another floor.
When I finally found Borders bookshop this book is what I bought...
it's full of inspiration...

...this table setting was in the old table with it's worn paint!

...we went for a walk to fill in time before going to the airport
to come home.
There was a market in the park/plaza area

...and it was election day, people were waiting in line to vote.

I bought this little bag...

...from this stall.  
The young girl has lots of cute things she had made herself!
...and so happy and friendly!

...isn't her market stall cute and welcoming with her stitching for sale!!

...when I arrived home, my giveaway prize from Catherine's place
was in the letter box...lovely little birds on fabric!!
I won it on a giveaway at Sewjournal blog...thanks Munaiba!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

to Sydney...

...we had a short trip to Sydney.
We had not been to Sydney for about 15 years, but this
trip was to see doctors...we stayed in Parramatta

...did not have very much spare time, but we did go for 
a walk beside the Parramatta River! home I wished I had taken more pictures.
This was late afternoon...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

machine quilting...quilt along

free motion quilt along

A few scraps is having a machine quilt learn some machine 
quilting should be fun!

I'm really new to machine quilting...have only done straight machine am looking forward to learning something new!

Monday, August 16, 2010

appliqué needlecase swap...

When I arrived home today...this parcel all wrapped in pretty polka dots
was waiting at my door...

...inside was all these surprises..
The lovely needlecase and pincushion...buttons...mauve fabric squares!

...and this cute rabbit!
My swap was from Yasmin, Santiago Chile.
This swap was fun...I sent the needlecase I made to the US..

what I've been doing!!!

...what have I been doing!!
The days have flown by...some household work has been priority.

Though I did sew some flutterby's from the tutorial at
Mrs Schmenkman Quilts these little butterfly blocks
or are they really spools...

Made the needle book for the applique posy needle swap

...and the inside!  
I can show it as it's a secret I have to post it off.

I also made a tiny spool block...these are being made around blogland...
only smaller...mine will be 4"block

I am stitching them by hand and using my french general jelly roll.

I love this's just beautiful!!

I also had a big surprise...I won a giveaway at Sewjournal...'s this lovely cloud 9 organic fabric and cute pattern from
Catherines Place.  Looking forward to receiving it!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

one small bud... beautiful magnolia I planted last year has one small bud about to open!!

The plant looked so dormant...and now it is springing to life...

Today is very cold and windy...2 days ago it was warm enough
to not wear a jumper...but today the fire is alight !!

Though there is small signs that spring will soon be here...