Friday, June 4, 2010

sunny today...and a giveaway at cutie pinwheels

Today we woke up to sunshine...and no water!!
...yesterday we woke to a storm, no damage to our little town but nearby Lennox Head,
a coastal village, had extensive damage to has now been declared a natural disaste

What can I do until the water supply is of course...maybe sew!

We managed to make a cup of coffee from the coffee machine...
can't complain really when other people have lost their homes.

Phone call to the council and they said there are 2 broken mains in the area
and water will hopefully be restored late morning.

Cutie Pinwheels is having a giveaway to celebrate 200 readers...

...drop by and see her lovely blog. 
Her other blog is Stash Manicure which is
full of great reducing stash ideas and guest quilters...

Now...what can I do...I guess lots of things that don't involve water!!!

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Rae Ann said...

Hi Christine! Thanks for stopping by my blog because it helped me to find yours and I love what I see.
Thanks also for the great post about my blog giveaway. You are entered with the six points now... so... GOOD LUCK!
Hope you get your water back soon! You seem to have such a great outlook on things in spite of it all. I admire that!