Sunday, June 27, 2010


Jenny at jenny of ELEFANTZ is starting a new free BOM
in's all a surprise!
It's a 4 month BOM...she has listed the supplies needed 
and some sneak preview pics!

I sent to Quilt Fabric Delights for these pretty threads.
They arrived promptly, in the same week, and they had to come
across the country...
They are cottage garden I want all the colours!
These colours are tulip, fuschia and pretty!!

Jenny uses cottage garden threads in her BOM...

This weekend has gone from sunny to raining, warm to quiet cool.
My son was home for one night...left his boat here for a holiday while
he is working further north. Said it was cold here after being in sunny Qld.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

my little giveaway!!

don't forget to enter my little giveaway...this lovely pattern!
...closes the end of June!!

Where does the week go...a little stitching of my candied hexagons...
but not much to show!

It's been raining and cold...though cold for us is any day the 
sun isn't shinning and the temperature is under 20 degrees C...

...hoping for a sunny weekend, and achieving something!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

more birthday swap...

...another fat quarter birthday swap arrived today!
All tied up with a pretty bow...

....this cute card with lovely birthday wishes from Barb.

...these fat birdie fabric!
This one is called Summer Song by my minds eye.

cute card holder with mars bars...yum!! the orange spots too!!

...for birthday we had lunch by the river...must be our favourite spot!!

...we had steak and kidney pudding!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

birthday surprises...

These packages all prettily wrapped are from the birthday
fat quarter exciting to see what is inside!

...beautiful cards with lovely birthday wishes!

And then the surprises...

This lovely package from Jenny...birdie fabric from me and my sister,
tape measure in a tin, french vanilla bath bomb, and lovely variegated thread.

...and from Noela...these lovely fabrics...and chocs!
I have been collecting fabrics in the pale blue/green...
am thrilled to add these to my collection, have not decided
what I will make from them yet.

...and from Natalie all wrapped in this absolutely beautiful origami box.

These gorgeous Brandon Malby fabrics.
I will be able to add them to my candied hexagon quilt.

Thank you to all my fat quarter swap friends for these lovely surprises :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my celebrate!

...when I discovered blogging over a year ago, it was all an adventure
my SIL had blogged for years and I read hers from time to time
but I never considered blogging..

Then I decided to try...clicked on create a blog...and the adventure began!

            ...I passed 1 year blogging and did not get around to a giveaway!
...I passed 10,000 views and still did not get around to a giveaway! I have passed 200 posts!

I love what blogging has added to my day...sharing like interests...
seeing everyones creative ideas...
and just pictures of the world around us...

As it's my birthday this week it's my turn for a giveaway!!

I will giveaway this cute stitchery pattern
called 'My Paisley Heart' by Up in Annies Room

I have been stitching the pattern colours plus a few colours
added of my choice.
...have seen it on a blog in pretty pinks and blues, would look
lovely in any colours's fun to stitch, I think mine will turn into a cushion. for the giveaway!
1 entry..just leave a comment on this post or any post till the end June.
2 entries..if you would like to follow.
leave another comment to say you follow

I will draw the pattern giveaway at the end of June...

Monday, June 14, 2010


Just wanted to share some birthdays from
my childhood...thats me in the bottom middle sister sitting on the railing on the right... with the special bow birthday hat!
My grandmother insisted on the special birthday girl hat...
It was in the 60's all the gathered dresses...
lots of cake, lollies and of course fairybread!!

8 months the weeping willow in 
the background...lived on a farm then!!

I'm the little girl on the left...with my sister Lyn,
cousin David, grandmother and aunt

teenage years...lots of time spent at the beach...

Sunday, June 13, 2010


$3 daisies in a jug...

...and chocolate cake with fairy sprinkles!

it's cold and dull and rainy today...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

candied hexagon quilt

I have slowly been working on my candied hexagon quilt...I had a
picture in my head of the way I wanted it to look!
sea, sand, blue skies and sun
I just couldn't find the right fabric for the solid hexagons
...than I sent to the Quilters and Embroiderers Store for this
Philip Jacobs fabric called shell montage without seeing more
than a small picture...
The shells are much bigger than I thought...but I am happy 
with how it looks!

...I enjoy playing with the colours and patterns!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

janesfabrics giveaway..

Jane at janesfabrics is having a week long fun giveaway...
drop by and see her blog !!

Monday, June 7, 2010

birthday month...

This month is my at quilt group yesterday they surprised
me with this cake...a giant cupcake!

...and then the birthday fat quarter bag!!
I chose toile or writing for this years theme...and received
all these lovely fabrics...

...this one is lovely!!!

So as always it was a fun day of sharing, talking and eating.

Friday, June 4, 2010

sunny today...and a giveaway at cutie pinwheels

Today we woke up to sunshine...and no water!!
...yesterday we woke to a storm, no damage to our little town but nearby Lennox Head,
a coastal village, had extensive damage to has now been declared a natural disaste

What can I do until the water supply is of course...maybe sew!

We managed to make a cup of coffee from the coffee machine...
can't complain really when other people have lost their homes.

Phone call to the council and they said there are 2 broken mains in the area
and water will hopefully be restored late morning.

Cutie Pinwheels is having a giveaway to celebrate 200 readers...

...drop by and see her lovely blog. 
Her other blog is Stash Manicure which is
full of great reducing stash ideas and guest quilters...

Now...what can I do...I guess lots of things that don't involve water!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quiltmania the newsagent!!

I was so excited the newsagent got in Quiltmania magazine...
I had seen this magazine, as a quilt friend, had a subscription but
otherwise it was not available around's full of beautiful
inspiring quilts and quilt talk! this and I think I could make it from my stash!

...and this lovely string quilt made by Lucy.
Lucy has a great blog called Quilting with a Past...where she shares
her quilting adventures.

...and I will have to make some of these little wool birds!

This magazine will be read from cover to cover...and over again!!