Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fabric buying on holidays...

Fabric I bought on quilt shop had closed down, a new one called Patchwork Place just opened.  A craft shop that included patchwork was having a closing down sale and Albany had a newly opened Spotlight. So lots of opportunity to fabric shop.

These Kaffe fabrics I bought at Patchwork Place the newly opened patchwork shop in the centre of town.

These fabrics I bought at a very reduced price at the brand new Spotlight.
The two books were 20% off at the closing down shop.

I want to make this...

and this!

This is Albany's main street York St which is a hill
down to Princess Royal Harbour... a port
for cruise ships and export ships for wheat and grain.

The first day we were there, a cruise ship had arrived
and the town was very festive, with a market 
and lots of tourists off the ship.

The Norfolk Island Pine in York St decorated for Christmas...

...and lit up at night.

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