Monday, September 7, 2009

todays stitching...

I have been working on the boarder of bramble rose quilt
...enjoying everything about it, so making progress!
...tried the 2 step method of buttonhole and like the way it looks.

...found this recipe at french garden house
They are called palmiers...very easy to make!
...and yummy.

This copy of the magazine with candied hexagons arrived in the mail
today...all the way for SA.
I have been wanting a copy of it...and asked on Southern Cross Quilters
it anyone new where I could find a copy.
Bev kindly gave me her copy...I was so thrilled!
It's interesting to see what fabrics were used in the original quilt.
Very pretty!!!

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Karen said...

I have yet to try the two step method but your stitching reminds me that I need to give it a go.