Sunday, June 14, 2009

winter is here!!!

I haven't been far away, just a little occupied with this and that...
The past couple of weeks have just flown by.
I seem to be gaining a thing for taking photos of fig trees...isn't the fig tree above interesting and beautiful.
I've been working on the pin cushion swap...completed now so I will just have to wrap it up and post it off this week. I will show photos later...
The mornings have been a little chilly...but the days are beautiful, mild and sunny. We think we're freesing if it's 15C. The fire is lit in the evenings and all is cosy.
My husband had good news from his surgeon...his leg is healing this time. Another 3 months before his next's all a very slow process...but eventually he should improve.

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Julie said...

We recently had to chop a fig tree out, as it was playing havoc with the house foundations.