Sunday, January 25, 2009


I selected these fabrics to make the late bloomer quilt by the Thimble Blossom pattern from the current yearbook of Homespun magazine.
I have the strips of patchwork made ... the circles fused on and now have to buttonhole stitch around them.
I would have been futher ahead...but yesterday I had a small drama...  I suddenly had a severe ear ache.  After seeing how it went for a couple of hours...decided I better go to the nearby hospital and have it checked out. By the time I got there the pain had was saying I probably don't need to be here.  The medical staff had a look anyway...and there was an an ant in my ear...which they quickly got out.  

There is a lot of ants in our house this year...usually means rain is coming.


Natasha said...

I feel all itchy just thinking about that ant!

I love the picture of that quilt. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.

Maree said...

not good about your ear ache..ouch.!! who would have thought an Ant.!!
Love your fabric choice...that quilt looks great on the cover...looking forward to seeing yours come alive.

Quiltsbybarb said...

I love the picture of the fabrics you have selected for your next quilt. It is cold here in Wisconsin now and they just feel so spring like to me!

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