Wednesday, November 5, 2008

all that green

a green park in our little town ... I have to remind myself sometimes that all this green is why we like to live here... we live in a high rainfall area and it has been cloudy and raining  the last few days -saves having to water the garden.

This plum tree is just outside the back of our house.  The flying foxes (also called fruit bats) have a feast in it every night ... by a couple of weeks they will have eaten every plum off it. This year the flying foxes are not even waiting for the plums to get ripe.  They eat the plum and spit the seed out on the ground so each morning the ground under the tree is covered in seeds.
me busy mowing the lawn last week... we do have a man that mows the lawn every second week, but the grass grows so fast out the back, now it is spring.  I  mow the back part on the other week,  because the back lawn is like an extension of our living area -  he mowed today so I can have this week off from mowing.

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