Saturday, October 18, 2008

sunny day

Sun is shining today after a couple of days overcast and showers.  Pink peace roses from my garden, the most I've had on the rose bush at one time.
Another star patch completed for my Postcards from the Past quilt.  This will be added to block 8.  The thought that comes with block 8 is  ....... " Bathe in the Warmth of Summer's Beauty"....  These sayings can be added to the blocks with embroidery or pen.. but I will just ponder on them.

Later today we are off to a nearby beach town for an informal barbecue/farewell party for family members that are heading north to start a new life/adventure.  They are heading north where crocodiles are in the nearby creek and it's humid and hot--we wish them the best for their new future.

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