Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I spent Tuesday rearranging and painting in anticipation of a new outdoor setting we bought.

I,ve started painting some of my things white-it gives a new fresh change.  I was happily content all day painting and rearranging.  Now I just have to tidy my mess.  I emptied cupboards that were doing nothing but hoarding unused stuff - that left no room for what does get use... now I will have a neater, tidier house.

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Nadine said...

That sure is a GREAT idea ! ;>)

THANKS, dear, for your kind comment on my blog. And THANKS also for your encouragements about my little baskets, these are VERY addictive and I just love handpiecing them, one stitch at a time...
I didn't know your blog and it's beautiful ! Your quilts are fantastic, and your pictures too. GREAT job :>)
That Material Obsessions book looks so interesting. It's in my "wish list" for some weeks, and now your gorgeous blocks are tempting me (love blanket stitching)....

I'll come back often, you're on my list now... HeeHee

Smiles & friendship threads from NADINE in Belgium
(who is preparing for a cold WINTER...while you're enjoying such a beautiful spring over there)